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How to Voice Type in Google Docs App

Learning how to Voice Type in Google Docs App is an easy process. If you know the basics of how to type using a text editor, you should be able to easily make documents in the popular program. To start, create a document in the main menu of your Google Docs App. Choose the file option and go down to the bottom of the page to where it says “Open.”

Once your document is opened in the Document Viewer, you will see a preview of what your document will look like when you are finished typing. If you would like to change the text to reflect the pronunciation of words, you can drag your mouse cursor over the word and drop the cursor below it. This will replace your cursor with the sound that the word makes. If you would like to record a voice document, just click Record Voice.

How to Voice Type in Google Docs App has some limitations. Although it can recognize basic text and document types, it cannot automatically type out tables, references, hyperlinks and formatted documents such as Word documents. If you would like voice recognition to take full advantage of the program, you can learn how to setup voice recognition to work with your document types. This will enable you to not only recognize text but document titles and keywords.

To set up voice recognition, you should go to the settings and then click on “recognition options.” You will find four different recognition options including Allow All, Always Allow, Only When Editing and No Prompt. If you have a very common document type, like word documents, then it’s probably a good idea to use the Always Allow setting so that your computer will recognize the document whenever you save it.

You should also make sure that your document types are properly identified so that the document can be correctly interpreted by the program. There are specific language codes that identify commonly used document types in various programs. It may be helpful to download a free vocabulary list from the online developer’s website and install the dictionaries that come with your software. If your software cannot recognize particular vocabulary, then you should also check to see if the web pages your referring to in your documents have the appropriate spelling.

Some voice recognition programs are limited to recognizing one or two voice commands at a time. If you want to complete several projects at the same time, you should consider purchasing voice recognition software that provides the ability to run several applications at the same time. This way, you can type your documents while reviewing and editing them simultaneously. Google Docs is already very convenient, but it could be made even more beneficial when combined with additional tools.

Some of these tools require you to download additional software. This might be necessary if your document requires mathematical equations or other specialized formats. It is also important to ensure that your application provides you with the ability to save your work in several different formats. This will allow you to open your document in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. You might also want to download applications that provide metadata as well as searchable functions.

In order for your voice recognition to do its job well, you should not speak directly into the document. The text should only appear when you move the cursor around the screen. Even if the document has boxes and tabs, you should type directly into the boxes and tabs. Voice recognition can greatly speed up the productivity of your office, especially if you do a lot of document organization. However, you should also ensure that the program you use is compatible with the versions of your favorite word processing programs.

How to Voice Type in Google Docs App

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