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How To Make Google Drive Files Private

If you have recently been exploring ways of accessing your Drive files using your Google account, then you will most certainly have come across the term ‘private folder’ or ‘drive private’. What exactly is this and how to make Google drive files private? This article will attempt to explain the ins and outs of how to make Google drive documents private.

Basically, Drive is an online document storage service run by Google. It was originally designed as a way for Google employees to easier work on projects outside of their regular job scope. Documents can be shared between projects and employees with the click of a button, and collaboration between employees can be recorded in real time via email. With these benefits, it wasn’t long before Drive began to see popularity amongst professionals. As it was, however, a program that required users to sign-in to a free Google account in order to access their folders.

Ever since Drive’s growth, other storage services have attempted to mimic it. However, none have come close to matching its features and reliability. As such, many are left wondering how to make Google drive files private. The most common theory is that one should never connect their Drive files to another cloud service or storage device. Doing so will inevitably expose the information within to prying eyes. Since Drive stores its documents offline, there is no chance of this happening.

The other common theory on how to make Google folder data secure is to attempt adding a password to each folder. This is an option which is often advised when working with very confidential material. One should never use the password to open the folder in question. Instead, use the password to unlock the folder and then write the password down before making any changes. If the document is then saved directly to another location without using the folder, the password will be rendered completely useless.

One of the most effective methods on how to make Google drive files private is to utilize the shredder. Once documents are securely deleted from their drive, it is quite likely they will remain intact. Therefore, it may be necessary to locate a secure way of disposing of the information. There are a number of secure document shredders on the market today. These devices will thoroughly obliterate any sensitive material stored on a computer.

Additionally, it is also possible to make use of software which automatically deletes files as they are erased from a computer’s hard drive. This software can be found online. Once downloaded and installed, it is a simple process to utilize this software in order to safely make one’s Google drive files private. The software works by searching a user’s recycle bin and then deleting all files that are not required. Although this may be a time-consuming procedure, it is an effective and smart way to make sure that confidential information does not fall into the wrong hands.

There are other ways how to make Google drive files private which involve using various means of password protection software. One method is to create an entirely new folder and then instruct the user to create a different password for that folder. Alternately, one can use the secure storage option provided by many online storage services such as Google Docs. Here, the user will be asked to create a secure storage folder and then instruct the service which makes the folder to make a copy of the folder on the user’s computer. These methods allow individuals to make sure that their information remains private and is kept safe even while making changes to the computer’s operating system.

It should be noted that although Google Docs allows individuals to create documents online, it does not provide a means how to make Google drive files private. If one wishes to protect the contents of these documents, he or she needs to download the document to his or her computer and then instruct the service which created the document to create a password encryption layer over the entire document. This ensures that all documents are protected and cannot be read by anyone who does not have the password. This also protects the files from being distributed or opened by those who do not have the proper authorization.

How To Make Google Drive Files Private

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