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How to Make a Drawing in Google Slides

You’ve seen Google Slides, but have you ever wondered how to make a drawing in it?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll show you how to do just that!

Whether you’re looking for a quick drawing or a detailed picture for your next presentation, Google Slides has the tools you need.

This article will guide you through the process step by step, and provide you with a free Google Chrome extension that will make drawing on your slides easy.

To make a drawing in Google Slides, start by selecting a shape.

You’ll see a drop-down menu where you can pick the color you want to use for your scribble.

Click ‘+’ next to the color you want to use or click ‘custom’ to add your colors.

Once you’ve chosen the color, click ‘Okay’ to finish the drawing.

After making your drawing in Google Slides, you’ll need to save it.

To do this, click the Save annotations button in the Annotate toolbar.

Once the annotations are saved, they will appear under your Annotate account under the Web Annotations tab.

Once you close Google Slides, the drawing will be lost.

However, you can access saved drawings by clicking ‘Load previous annotations’.

Afterward, click the ‘Refresh’ button and your drawing will be reloaded.

Another great feature that allows you to make freehand drawings in Google Slides is the Scribble tool.

This drawing tool is easy to use and automatically creates a better version of the shape you draw.

The Scribble tool is great for turning boring slides into colorful, interesting, and engaging ones.

It’s perfect for business presentations and school presentations alike.

So, if you’ve been wondering how to make a drawing on Google Slides, read on!

How to Insert a Drawing in Google Slides

Can you insert a drawing in Google Slide?

Yes, you can. Using Google Drawings, you can publish your drawings online, and they will update everywhere you link to them.

To insert a drawing into Google Slides, copy the URL (Ctrl+C on Windows and Command+C on Mac).

Scribble tool

Google Slides has a line tool that lets you draw lines on a slide.

You can draw lines with a mouse or stylus.

First, click anywhere on the slide page and hold the mouse button down.

Then, click the word ‘custom’ or ‘+’ and choose the color you’d like to use.

Continue doing this until the entire drawing area is covered.

After that, you can select a color from the drop-down menu.

Adding lines

There are several ways to add lines to your presentation.

You can choose a straight line or use a curved connector.

Adding lines is easy and convenient.

Simply click on the slide you want to draw to begin, then click the “Line dash” icon. You can adjust the size of your lines, add different line styles, and change the start and end of your lines. After you have finished drawing the lines, you can click on the line to change its style and colors.

Adding shapes

Adding shapes to your presentation will make it more unique. To add a shape, first, navigate to the Insert menu option, and then click on Image. Once you have the image you want, select it and click the crop icon. Next, you can give it any shape you desire. Drag the shape to anywhere on your slide. Once the shape is added, you can edit its appearance by modifying the color and size of the border.

Adding text boxes

You can add text boxes to your presentation by creating placeholders. Generally, these placeholders will contain the title and text of the slide, along with any other objects that you want to place on your slide. If you’d rather add your placeholders, you can manually add text boxes using the Drawing toolbar. But these won’t appear in the Outline pane. You can create a placeholder by selecting the text and typing a title, description, or another object.

Adding images

Adding images to Google Slides is simple, but you’ll want to know how to make them look their best. There are a few things that you should keep in mind before you start. First, make sure the images you want to use our public URLs. That way, other users will be able to view them. Second, you’ll want to make sure the images are the right size. Adding larger images may cause problems for your presentation.

Adding GIFs

Adding GIFs to your presentation is easy in Google Slides. To insert a GIF, you need to create a URL, copy it, and paste it into your Google Slides presentation. You can then resize and position the GIF to fit the slide’s content and context. You can also add your GIF by copying the URL or using the ‘Add’ button to insert an image from your computer.

Can You Freehand Draw on Google Slides?

Drawing and editing your slide is easy with basic editing features like the Scribble tool. You can add images and use default shapes and lines to get started. Default objects are also a huge help. However, there are some things you should know before starting to draw. You may want to use the text box tool to insert text. You should also make sure that you’ve got the right font. After all, you’re not just freehand drawing.

Scribble tool

There are many ways to use the Scribble tool on Google Slides to create manual shapes. You can choose the shape you want and change the color of the scribbles using the options provided by Google. Using drop shadows or other styles of scribbles can make them look more appealing. You can publish the shapes on the web or share them with colleagues. The scribble tool is useful for creating rough sketches of presentations.

Text box tool

When using Google Slides, you can add text and shapes to your presentation. The text box tool can be added to any slide, including the cover slide. To control where text box elements appear, make sure to add them to the layout masters. Once they are in place, you can paste them to different slides. The text box tool has some helpful settings. Once you have the basic text box in place, you can add text and shape elements.

Snap to grid tool

If you’re planning on using the freehand drawing option in Google Slides, you’ll probably want to use the Snap to grid tool. This tool automatically aligns your objects on the page according to the grid. It’s an especially useful tool for creating ruler-like line drawings. Alternatively, you can use the Snap to Guide tool instead. The tool is found in the sidebar of the freehand drawing tool and can be used to adjust object sizes and placement according to the grid.

Adding images to a slide

The most basic way to add images to a Google Slide is to copy and paste them. To use the callout, you should have two browser windows open. You can also use Google Cloud Storage to upload images. Just make sure you choose a signed URL with a 15-minute TTL, and you’re all set! Once you’ve added an image to your presentation, you’ll be able to change its transparency, brightness, and color. These are some simple alterations you can make to your slides for a sharper presentation.

Adding a drawing from Google Drive

To add a drawing from Google Drive to Google Slide, visit the website that features the image and click the “Insert” button. There, you can also choose to insert the drawing or link to the image from Google Docs. Then, select the drawing or image you want to add and click “OK.” Once the drawing has been added, you can format it and name it. There are two ways to insert a drawing in Google Slides: navigating to the picture’s source and clicking on the “Insert” button.

Does Google Slides Have a Drawing Tool?

Does Google Slides have a drawing tool? The answer is yes! But before you go creating a picture, read this article to learn how you can use this tool. In this article, I’ll tell you about the Scribble, Annotate, Text box, and Embedded Google Drawings tools. So, what’s the best way to use these tools? You’ll find out at the end of the article.


If you want to draw pictures on Google slides, you can use the scribble tool. It allows you to draw shapes with various line thicknesses and widths. After you draw the first shape, Scribble reverts to the line tool. The scribble tool is also available in the Review and Create modes. Users can change the default color palette or pick custom colors. Clicking on the plus (+) symbol will add a new color, allowing you to customize the colors that you use.

You can also draw manual shapes on Google slides using the scribble tool. To use this tool, you should be using Google Chrome and a free Annotate account. Sign in and then choose the drawing tool. Once you have completed the drawing, you can publish it on the Web or share it with your colleagues. You can even edit the drawing in preview mode. This way, you can make changes and save them.


In addition to adding text and images to your slide presentation, Google Slides also has an annotation tool. This handy tool allows you to write and draw on the slide and even add follow-up questions. Annotations are stored on disk icons so you can access them later, even if you leave the presentation. Here’s how to use the annotation tool. Read on to learn more! Also, keep in mind that you can only make one annotation at a time.

To begin annotating a slide, navigate to View Options. Choose Annotate. Click on the annotation tool, then select the area on the slide you want to highlight. Annotation tools will appear if you have started a shared whiteboard, but aren’t available if the screen is blank. If you need more than one annotation, you can click the highlighted area. You can also draw shapes and highlight parts of the slide with a semi-transparent shape.

Text box

In Google Slides, you can create manual shapes using the scribble tool. To do this, open the application and sign in to your free Annotate account. Once you sign in, click on the scribble tool, choose a shape, and then select it again to make it visible. You can then publish your creation on the web and share it with your colleagues. There are several advantages of using Google slides’ scribble tool.

In Google Slides, you can draw text and images. This feature is located in the toolbar at the top of the document. Simply double-click on a text box or image to bring up the drawing tool. Then, you can modify the shape, text, and color. When you are done, click on Save & Close to save the work. You can also edit the contents of the drawing by clicking on the arrow and scribble icons.

Embedded Google Drawings

Embedding Google Drawings in Google Slides is a fantastic way to share your diagramming skills with your audience. This free drawing tool comes with a comprehensive library of royalty-free images. To find them, simply select them from the Insert menu or choose to Search the web. If you don’t have any royalty-free images, you can create your own with Google Drawings. If you’re not sure how to add them, see the following tutorial.

Embedding Google Drawings in Google Slides allows you to keep your content fresh. Once you’ve embedded a drawing, you can edit it from within Google Drawings. When you’re finished editing the drawing, you can simply hit the “Update” button to apply the changes to your Google Docs document. Google has over 425,000 subscribers. By signing up for a free account, you can upload as many drawings as you want.

Is There a Way to Draw on Google Slides?

If you have ever wanted to create detailed illustrations in Google Slides but can’t figure out how to draw with your XP pen, you are not alone. This article will show you how to use g(Math) to create fractions, images, and other shapes on Google Slides, as well as how to add sharable content with Snap to Guides. You’ll also learn how to change the color of the scribble to suit your tastes.

XP Pens does not work on Google Slides

Using the XP Pen on Google Slides isn’t possible, but it’s not impossible. If your pen isn’t working on the web-based presentation tool, follow these steps to fix the problem. To fix the problem, start by updating the Pen/Tablet driver. This will ensure proper communication between your hardware and software. Once you’ve done this, try exporting your Google Slides as a PDF.

Make sure that your XP Pens are set to the ‘pen tool’ type. Open the ‘pen tool’ application, and follow the on-screen instructions to install the required file. If the application is not installed automatically, you can download the official driver from Apple’s website. You’ll also need to restart your computer after each step. Once installed, your pen should work on Google Slides again.

Using g(Math) to create fractions, images, and other shapes

Using g(Math) on Google slides can be a great way to practice math concepts with your students. With a simple click of the mouse, students can create fractions, images, and other shapes on a Google slide. The app also allows for interactive games, such as comparing fractions, personal goal setting, and reading math problems.

Adding equations is not always easy, but using the Math Equations add-on is the most convenient way to do it. Math Equations allows users to insert math equations on Google slides using either the built-in mathematical symbols or the g(Math) add-on. First, double-click on a text box to enter the edit mode. Select Maths or symbol from the drop-down menu.

Using Snap to Guides to insert sharable content

Using Snap to Guides to insert reusable content on Google slides can help you create compelling presentations that will be easily shared and distributed. You can use Google Slides to create a wide variety of sharable content, and you can even insert video and audio. You can customize the layout of your slides by creating custom templates that mimic the Snappables experience. These templates work well with many of the digital tools available, and they allow students to “play” with content and move up Webb’s Depth of Knowledge and Bloom’s Taxonomy.

To use guides in your presentation, first enable them in your presentation. Go to the toolbar and click the rulers. Then, click the View > Guides option. A guide will appear in the center of your slide. Click on the guide to adjust it. You can resize it and rotate it as needed. When it is no longer necessary to have a guide, click the X button and delete it.

Changing the scribble color

If you want to change the scribble color on Google slides, you can do so from the colors menu. Google Slides allows users to add custom shapes. You can choose any hue you want, or enter a color code. This way, your students can color your Google slides without having to use a pencil. However, you might not be able to change the scribble’s background color. In that case, you may want to try changing the scribble’s transparency to about 25%.

Alternatively, you can use a stylus. You can move the object to a different position and change the size of the scribble. The size and rotation options are available on the Format Options tab. Click the arrow on the shape and click again to change it. You can repeat this process until all areas are covered. In the Format Options window, select “Resize” or “Resizing”.

How to Make a Drawing in Google Slides

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