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There are many ways to get a website at top of Google search but you need to make sure that your website will benefit the visitors or the search engine itself. For example, if your website is about flowers then you should take time to learn more about flowers and their characteristics. This will help you promote your website properly to get a good ranking at top of Google search results.

One of the best ways to get a website at top of Google search results is to get organic traffic. Organic search traffic is free from any type of advertising cost because it comes from referrals from other Internet users. You get to enjoy more popularity and visibility over the Internet. If you use pay per click to get a website at top of Google search then you will be paying more to get those clicks. However, there are more disadvantages when you do so.

First, you get website traffic by means of PPC. You bid for keywords that have the highest search volume. This means that you pay money to get your advertisement on the top of search result pages. It also means that you are advertising something that nobody wants to advertise. If you are in business then you know that good quality leads only come through good quality advertisements that attract potential customers.

Second, if you get a website at top of Google search results then you cannot make any changes or updates to your website. All these updates and modifications are made by Google and they are not allowed by Google to make modifications. It can only be done by the site owners or the administrators. Otherwise, you will get penalized from the search rankings.

Third, you need to get traffic to get the website at top of Google search results. You can get this through pay-per-click advertising. You can bid for keywords that have the highest search volumes. Then when your ad is displayed on Google, it will get clicked and you will get paid. It is easy but it does not guarantee you good results.

Fourth, you can get the website at top of Google search results by writing articles about your products and services. There are many free article directories online where you can submit articles. If you are writing good quality articles then it will be published on many websites. When others use your articles, they will link your articles back to your site. This will get you more backlinks and more website traffic. Article directories are free to submit your articles so this is a very effective way to get website traffic.

Fifth, there are many other ways like search engine optimization and other ways to get website traffic to your site. It all depends on your budget. What works for one person might not work for another. So it is important that you find out what works best for you and implement it. Do not wait until you run out of money to get help.

With the above-said methods, you can get a website at top of Google search results but if you want to get more traffic and do not mind spending money, then you should try paid advertising. There are many companies offering this service. You can sign up with some of them for free. However, you get a minimal amount of money for every click you make and it takes a longer time to get results. However, it can be very useful in getting backlinks to your site which is helpful in getting website traffic.

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