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Embed Instagram feed is an ideal place in which you are able to connect with others and share various things that matter most to you. With an Instagram account on your web site, it can be so interesting for the visitors to browse through. In case you have an Instagram account, it is possible for people to follow you or even “like” your page. Therefore, you would be able to increase the number of traffic on your web site.

If you are interested in how to embed Instagram feed on your web site, then you would first have to know how to add the feed to your site. There are various ways by which one can embed the feed on their web site. The different ways which you are able to embed the feed are discussed below:

Embed it using the WordPress plugin called Taggbox. With this plugin, you are able to customize your instagram posts by inserting the feed into your post. The feed will be displayed in your post instead of displaying an image.

With the use of this plugin, you need to have the WordPress plugin activated. Then, visit the ‘plug-ins’ section in your WordPress dashboard. Select ‘taggbox’ and activate the plugin. Finally, click on the ‘activate’ button to enable the plugin.

Step Four: If you want to display instagram pictures on weebly, you need to go to ‘about us’ section of your profile. You should see a link to ’ema’ at the bottom of the page. Click on it. You should see an option for customizing your weebly profile. Click on it and enter your chosen tags.

The third step is to add the weebly plug-in to your blog. Go to your plug-in settings in WordPress and then find the instagram plug-in there. You should see an option for inserting the code. Click on it and customize your feed.

The fourth step is to register your weebly account. With the weebly website, you have the choice of creating a new weblog or signing in to your existing one. In either case, you will have to follow the instructions offered in your welcome email. In either case, you will have to register your weblog or your social media platforms to WordPress.

Last but not least, you have to paste the WordPress plugin and click on the save button. When you are done, go to the plug-ins menu and then click on the install option. You can see the option for Installing WordPress plug-ins. Now, choose the WordPress plug-in that you want to use and then copy and paste the HTML code element. Once you paste the code element, you will be able to post your RSS feeds instantly with the help of Instgram.

Step 2: Once your Instgram account is active, login to WordPress and create a new blog. Copy and paste the following code into your new blog. Every time you post an article, the URL of your Feedburner feed will automatically be inserted into your WordPress blog. The final step is to activate your account by clicking on’activate’and then copying and pasting the HTML code.

Step 3: If you are looking for a great way to start posting pictures with the help of WordPress, you can try using the WordPress plugin called Taggbox. This WordPress plugin will enable you to post any type of image to your Instgram feed. To install the plugin, you need to login to WordPress and then activate the plug-in by clicking on the ‘extend’ icon next to the wordpress menu at the top of the page. Now you can upload any picture using the photo widget located at the top of the screen.

Step 3: You have now installed the Taggbox WordPress plugin but how to embed Instagram images in it? The WordPress default behavior is to display a sidebar menu for links. For this, you just need to click on the ‘add link’ icon located on the right side of the sidebar. For the code to work, you just need to paste the following code into your post. If you have already uploaded the picture, you just need to add the Twitter URL at the bottom of the article. This way, you can update your Facebook status and even share the images on the social media site.

To integrate Instgram with weebly, all you have to do is login to weebly website and then activate the plug-in box located at the bottom of the page. Once you have done that, you can upload any image using the plug-in. To do so, click on ‘image’ tab located on the main page and then click on’save image as’ to upload the image. Now you can customize how your feed will look like by changing the size of the image, its image format and color and by changing the title you have chosen.

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