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How to Add Social Share Buttons in WordPress

Installing social share buttons in WordPress is a very easy job indeed. You just have to install the best blogging platform and configure the settings accordingly as per your need and then s it accordingly. Later you can add social networking to your WordPress blog and begin sharing your articles through these networks. This is indeed one of the most effective ways of marketing your business on the internet.

All you need to do is go to Settings > Add-Ons and check for “Share Buttons”. If you are using a different blogging platform, just go to where your plugins are installed and add the corresponding plugin there. Once you have done that, you just need to enable the plugin in your administration panel and activate it there. There are various settings available to choose from, depending on the platform you are using.

Some plugins allow you to change various elements like font color, header styles and color coding. But if you are looking for something more customized and interactive then you can always go for the plugins which offer you the opportunity to manage various social network applications like adding friends, posting news and updates, adding comments and suggestions. One important setting that you need to check for in all of these different areas is ” Disable alerts”, as this will prevent the spammy emails that come in your inbox every time you sign-in to a new social network site. You can also turn off the disabling of the alerts in the “posts” section of your blog settings page.

Let us now see how to add social buttons in WordPress. If you visit your plug-in settings page, you can click on the button option ‘Add New’ and browse through the list of available plugins. Once you find one that you like, click on the button and fill in the details about the feature. Make sure you specify the name of the social network application that you want to share the functionality to. This is just an example and other social networking features may vary according to the different platforms used by the people behind the company that you are working for.

When you have finished with this step, you need to activate the plugin for editing the options available in your administration area. If you have activated the plugin, you will be able to view all the available social share buttons on a side bar above all your other themes. You can toggle between them using the up and down arrows and drag the icons to switch between your favorites. One important thing to note is that while most of the buttons look the same, their functions and use exactly the same method of sharing media. The functions and the names may differ slightly according to the different browser versions and plug-ins, but the basic format of the button will always be the same.

If you find that none of the options available in the WordPress dashboard for adding social share button are working for your purposes, you can always create your own through the WordPress admin section. First, you will need to go to settings and then Add new options. Here you can select ‘WEB settings’ as the location where your new button will be displayed.

Once here, you will need to activate the plugin by clicking on the button you want to use. Once you have done so, you will see a screen prompting for the URL of the social network you want to share the content from and for how to add social sharing icons. Type the correct value into the text box and save it as a favorite. Then, you will need to activate the code in your admin area. To do this, go to’Appearance’ >’Hamburger menus’ and make sure that the boxes below the ‘Favicon’ and above the ‘Add icons and menus’ section are active.

Finally, you should test to see if the code works by clicking on the ‘OK’ button. If it does not, there is likely a problem with either the WordPress API or the layout color used in the blog. It could be an issue with the use of keywords in the URL or the font color used. If any of these things are not working, the problem can usually be fixed by either changing the option in the dashboard, updating the plugin, or by contacting the developer.

How to Add Social Share Buttons in WordPress

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