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Benefits of Google Analytics for Beginners

With more companies realizing the benefits of Google analytics, they have started deploying Google analytics to their website. Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google. It enables your site to track visitor behavior, user information, and online purchases. The benefits of Google analytics are many, and we shall discuss them below:

Google Analytics is an indispensable tool for online marketers. It integrates perfectly with other Google-related services, and when you leverage other Google-based services for online marketing, GA is going to be very vital to monitor their performance in search engines. Only by knowing how well your web pages perform in search engines, and what keywords your competitors are using, you will increase the returns on investment of your business online. And the benefits of Google analytics are many because you get the proper setup and overview of your web pages and campaigns, which in turn will help you fine-tune your online marketing techniques.

Google Analytics provides you with important insights into the behavior of visitors to your web page. Among the benefits of Google analytics are the so-called “dashboards”. A dashboard provides you with easy access to all of the key statistics and information about visitors to your website. The benefit of the dashboard is that it tells you the exact location of where your traffic is coming from, how they got there, how many pages they opened, what links they clicked on, and many other useful statistics. All these statistics will tell you how profitable your business is doing online, and it will help you take proper steps towards sustaining and improving your online presence.

Another major benefit of Google Analytics is its ability to give you a complete insight into your customers’ online advertising campaigns. You get to know what keywords your customers are using in search engines when they made last buys when they last visited your site, and how often do they visit your page. These valuable statistics will allow you to pinpoint where your audience is going, how they are finding you, what their online behavior reveals, and what kind of content is working for them. This will give you greater insight into your audience’s buying behavior and the products or services they are searching for online. And you will be able to fine-tune your online advertising campaigns accordingly.

Google Analytics provides you with a Search Engine Results in Comparison tool that makes it very easy for you to compare your search engine results against competitors. This is a very helpful analytical tool and you will find it really useful when it comes to making quick refinements to your SEO (search engine optimization) campaigns. With this tool, you can quickly see which keywords are bringing you more traffic, which of your adverts are yielding you more clicks, and which of your campaigns are not giving you the kind of conversions you want. Google Analytics even integrates directly with AdWords, so you can see which keywords are converting for you.

The Google Analytics standard version is free; the advanced version has become even more powerful when compared to the standard version. With the advanced version, you have access to more detailed information such as the number of unique visits per day, the landing pages that got you those visitors, the average time on each page, the pages with the most views, and even the number of people who clicked on the links within your pages. There are some things that are excluded in the standard version, but these are very minor things. The information in this section alone can make a great deal of difference in your ability to run successful campaigns.

Google Analytics is available in both, the free version and the paid version. You can opt for the free version if you are just beginning your campaign, or for the paid version if you are already running a well-established marketing platform. If you have a particular marketing platform in mind that you are just starting out with, the free version would be the ideal marketing platform for you. However, if you already have a well-established marketing platform in place, then the paid version would be better suited to your requirements.

With Google Analytics, you get to see your web data in real-time and see the number of conversions right away. You can easily measure the number of hits or impressions and can also track the user behavior on your website. It is a great tool for getting started with online marketing and provides excellent information about user behavior and conversion rates. You will be able to see what your competitors are doing so that you can incorporate their best strategies into your own to increase your chances of getting started with a successful marketing campaign.

Benefits of Google Analytics for Beginners

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